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    Our History
    1992 Zhejiang Sunflower New Material Co.,Ltd. which was predecessor of STD, engaged in PVP, was set up and Mr. Wu Jiaxiang,the chief expert of the state’s R&D project for PVP in China, was appointed as the general manager.
    2002 Changed into a private company, Hangzhou Sunflower Technology Development Co., LTd.(STD) was set up and continuing the developing and producing PVP series both in technical grade and cosmetic grade.
    2004 Zhejiang MY Sunflower Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. which is JV of STD was established for production of PVP in Pharm.Grade. GMP workshops were founded for POVIDONE, POVIDONE IODINE and POVIDONE IODINE SOLUTION.
    2007 Huzhou Sunflower performance polymer Co.,Ltd (SPP) the subsidiary of STD was founded to have more products, enlarge the capacity and set up new GMP workshop.
    2010 SPP expand the factory from 4000M2 to 12,000M2. After that the capacity of 3500tons of powder and 5000tons of liquid products annually till the end of 2011.
    2015 Huzhou Sunflower Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.(S-Pharma) was set up on the basis of the pharmaceutical department of (STD). S-Pharma inherits all STD’s assets such as facility, technology, products, team, management and trademarks, and focus on the development and producing of pharmaceutical excipients and API’s. Led by Mr. Wu Jiaxiang, the main PVP founder in China, the team possessed tens of concerned process and application techniques, gathered 35 years of experience of sustainable R&D, engineering practice and marketing, specially in Polyvinylpyrrolidone series (Povidone, Crosspovidone, Copovidone and Povidone iodinated), Chondroitine Sulfate Sodium series and artificial cultivating of Cordyceps. The company is well known as full range covering, high quality and good service in the industry. The company is widely praised by the customer both at home and abroad.

    Our Factory
    The company has the GMP production lines of 600 tons annually of Povidone at low molecular weight ( Povidone K12, K15, K17, K25 and K30), 800 tons annually of Povidone at high molecular weight ( Povidone K60, K90, K120), 300 tons annually of Povidone Iodinated with high stability and 100tons annually of Chondroitine Sulfated Sodium. The company also first finished the industrial cultivation of artificial cultivating of Cordyceps and the concerned products are under marketing now. HSP will take pharmaceutical biological products or biological extracts with advantage of techniques or resources as the new development direction

    Our Product
    Povidone K Series; Copovidone; Povdone Iodine; Crospovidone;
    Product Application
    K15 K17
    Dispersing agent for carbon black pigment.
    Enhancement of the non-image area on lithographic plates.
    K15 K17 K30
    Dye transfer inhibition in detergents
    Textile dye stripping and strike rate control
    To inhibit sulfide salts redeposition on photo processing
    Soil redeposition in laundry detergent.
    Latex stabilizer in emulsion polymerization.
    K30 K90
    Dispersing agent for nonaqueous dye and pigment-based writing ink fluid loss control agents in oil field cementing
    Creating voids in Hollow fiber membranes mamif.
    Fiber glass sizing agent with PVAc.
    Combustible ceramic binders.
    Tablet binder for industrial and Parma. Applications.
    adhesive for toilet paper rolls
    K85 K90
    Protective colloid for expandable ps manufacture.adhesives for glue sticks
    Component in water-based coating systems for CRT fabrication.
    Electro lead hydrogels
    Engine stabilization.
    K90 K115
    Thickeners in metal quenching agent bath.
    Povidone K30、K25、K90 in common use
    Povidone K25 suitable in low viscosity or high concentration solution
    Povidone K90 suitable in high viscosity or low concentration solution
    Povidone K17、K25、K30 for injections etc.
    Povidone K25/K30 for oral or external preparations
    Povidone K25/K30 for sugar coating and film coating
    Povidone K90 for liquid preparations
    A HIGH EFECTIVE DRY BINDER very suitable in tableting mixtures by wet granulation tableting mixtures by dry granulation direct compression
    A GOOD GRANUTATING BINDER very suitable in production of granulates as a dosage form or for filling into hard gelatin capsules
    A NEW FILM FORMING AGENT IN SUGAR COATING/FILM COATING etc. possessing less hydroscopic great elasticity and less tacky, favorably combine with cellulose derivatives
    A HIGH EFECTIVE DRY BINDER Possessing fast dissolution for all excipients in any tableting processes, be added before or after granulation, or part before and part after with consistent swelling action and disintegration.
    A STABILIZER FOR SUSPENSION to physically stabilize oral and topical suspensions by reducing sedimentation rate and increasing its volume and redispersibility, suitable for instant drink powders/granulates or ready to use suspension.
    FILTRATION AIDS clarification or purification of aqueous or alcoholic herbal extracts and tinctures as result of forming stable complexes with tannins and polyphenols

    Our Certificate

    Production Equipment
    Povidoen-iod Free Sample