Pregnant cow still nursing calves

Discussion in 'Breeding and Calving' started by leidee, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. leidee

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    Can I allow my pregnant cow to continue to nurse? We separated them for several weeks then they went right back on her when put together. I assume she's still producing because they haven't given up after several more weeks! They are probably almost a year old! The cow is getting close to calving and we're not sure what to do.
  2. saskcattle

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    Keep them separate all winter. I have even seen a yearling sucking its mom the next summer in pasture after she has calved again. I always try to keep them separate all winter and in different pastures the next summer

  3. farmerjan

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    Get them separate and keep them separate. The new calf will not get the benefit of colostrum if the older calf keeps sucking her. Some calves never learn to quit and will go back a year later if the cow allows them. We never let out heifer calves go back with their mommas until they are cows with their own calves. Besides that the nutritional needs of a yearling calf are different than a cow and if you are trying to feed the younger animal for growth, the cow will be getting too high quality of feed and she doesn't need it.