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Heres a question we got today:

I have a Patriot P5 fence charger and a 12-volt (6 watt) solar panel.
The existing P5 AC power supply cord has a 9-volt DC output. Apparently the fence charger can operate with 12-volts input since Patriot advertises that the P5 can operate with a 12-volt solar panel. My question is:
What will be the effect of using a 12-volt (6-watt) solar panel in lieu of
the Patriot-recommended 12-volt 10-watt solar panel? Thanks.

Our answer:
the solar panel should only keep the battery charged up. if you connect the panel to the unit directly it will work during the day possibly but not when there is no sunlight. a smaller panel will mean the battery may not get enough charge. not a problem on well maintained fence, but on weedy fence, poor condition fencing, the battery will draw down faster

Any other thoughts?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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