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I am working on a project for Business School. The idea is a natural, eco-friendly feed additive that would serve to significantly decrease a cow's methane emissions while also increasing the health/size of the cow.
If anyone could touch on the following point it would be helpful. Any other concerns or feeback would be appreciated.

  1. Do you presently use any additives to your cattle feed? What are they?
  2. Would you purchase additives to cattle feed that would benefit your business and the environment?
  3. Are you aware of the methane emissions from cattle and their effect on the environment?
  4. Are you aware of the benefits of using algae/seaweed in livestock feed?
  5. How much would you pay for said additives (if it were to comprise roughly 2% of total feed)?
  6. If the price was subsidized, would you be willing to purchase the additives?
  7. How would your customers feel about an environmentally-friendly product?
  8. Would including an all-natural additive to your feed enhance your brand in selling to your customers?
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