Raising dairy calves for beef

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    I'm hoping to get bull calves from a dairy this summer i was wondering what dairy calves are going for In your area to give me an estimate of how much it would cost to get started I have been doing my research and have been thinking alot and now time to start taking action. I was thinking about raising the calves till a year old I was hoping to castigate them at 7 months. Is that to late or any other suggestions this is the first group of calves ill be owning I have fed calves before they'd calves will probaly be grass fed. How long would a big bag of milk replacer last for four calves I'm buying the most expensive stuff I forget the name ill have to look it up thanks for the help
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    Since the sale of newborn beef calves are a small percentage of revenue there is little financial incentive to offer them the same high quality care that the female counterparts receive. However, the future profitability of beef calves is greatly impacted by the care they receive during the first hours and days of life.