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Hey guys, rookie cowboy here. Summer of 2020 I bought 28 acres to have a small hobby farm for me and my wife. We built a house that winter which we have been living in for about a year now. Last summer it was mission impossible. My goal was to bring in a $hit ton of soil (we brought in 3000 trucks of top soil to cover the sand we had, it was free from a new subdivision build site), seed the pastures, build about 10,000 feet of 3 board fence with a hot wire, get the automatic watering units in (6' deep trench in canada to get below frost line), and build the cattle handling facility.

Well I got it all done... went right into late fall but we got it done. Horses arrived in October, cattle didn't arrive until December.

So I am raising 10 Charolais heifers right now. I have just begun the finishing process on 5 and the other 5 I will be breeding. I wanted to be able to weigh the finishing calves and the breeders regularly. I grabbed a load bar and scale from Gallagher and am now looking to set this baby up. I am looking to possibly add this to the floor of the head gate chute that I have. I bought a old rusty thing for really cheap. But I re welded some parts, replaced some parts, gave her a half a$$ed paint job. But she now functions great. My only issue is the actual internal height. See picture attached.

Plant Stairs Wood Grass Road surface

You can see the height of the head portion of the gate.

Now if I put the load bars on there you already have 3.5". If I make a platform the thinnest I can make it is 1.5 to 2". So were getting into 5-5.5" territory. I could easily create a ramp on the front side of the chute so they don't stumble or kick the scale platform. But I am more worried about once they are in the chute, they may be too tall now and could get there heads caught in the higher tighter part of the chute? Am I over exaggerating the issue here?

I suppose the option option is to cut out the floor, but as you can see the floor has some metal cross braces etc that actually help with the structural integrity of the chute I believe. So I would rather avoid that extra work. But if its mandatory then I suppose I don't have a choice. I am welcoming any ideas. Here is another picture.

Plant Tree Wood Land lot Road surface

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I think it is an alright size for now. If the heads get caught, all you do is calm them down and slide them into the wider part, or just let the heifer out all together. Or just do what my husband did once when our largest bull got stuck... 🤣 Rub oil or grease all over the head and neck and slide it down! LOL

Could you remove the floorboards and use a hacksaw to cut off the metal support bars? If so, how much more room would you add?
I would probably save up to buy a larger chute eventually, but for now you should be fine. You will probably need one in the future because as you grow your herd, cattle size varies greatly.
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