Sell or Trade my Bull

Discussion in 'Cattle Raising Forum' started by jmorrison0722, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Pretty new to cattle, taking over for father-in-law who passed recently. I take care of some cattle on a neighbors land. Here's my question...

    Have 9 cows, 2 heifers and 1 Bull. The heifers are the Bull's offspring.
    Should I sell the bull so he doesn't mate with his own offspring? If so, do people in similar situations ever just trade bulls, rather than taking them to auction and buying a new bull?

    If that weren't enough, here's one additional wrinkle I didn't mention above... 2 of the cows recently gave birth to bull calfs. How does this change things?

    Thanks for your responses in advance!
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    How old is your bull? Cull price is pretty good right now. If he is still young and testing good you have the option to sell the heifers and buy a couple from another rancher or just sell the heifers pocket the money and calve out your nine cows. If you like the heifers and want to keep them advertise your bull there is likely someone out there looking for a bull. As far as cows having bull calves recently I would castrate them right away and sell when they are weaned.