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Ok so this calf had a rough start. She 9 days old now. Her mom had mastitis she wasn't getting enough milk. Her eyes got cloudy that's when we started feeding her. She has been get milk and electrolytes I offer her both at every feed. She on like day 5 poop something out that looked like worms. She was definitely scouring. That has finally stopped. But two days ago she stood up drank a whole bottle then a hour later looked dead. Couldn't stand or lift head. Couple hours later totally fine. Now she fine gets up but wont take milk. I've given her two shots of LA 200 5ml And oral probiotics. And she finally pooped a solid poop. She continues to look better as far as energy and eyes less cloudy. However she only drinking electrolytes. Wont touch the milk. Shes been about 36hrs without milk. And honestly looks the best she ever looked. Should I be forcing her to drink milk?

Also what would you use to deworm a calf this young?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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