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Benefits of Stock Tank Aeration in Cattle and Livestock:

  • WEIGHT GAIN IN CALVES: Adding aeration to a stock tank has been proven to show between 6-19% more weight gain in growing calves.

  • INCREASED FOOD AND WATER INTAKE: Cattle provided with an aerated water supply will consume more water which increases food intake. The result is extra weight gain and milk production in lactating cattle.

  • REDUCES BACTERIA & ODOR: Aeration reduces bacteria and odor in the water supply. Using pond aeration creates a more palatable water source which encourages more water consumption.

  • CLEANER WATER: Aerated water supplies reduce the chance of bacterial contamination along with mineral and chemical contamination versus water consumed directly from a pond.

  • REDUCED RISK OF INJURY: Supplying cattle with a stock tank as a drinking source reduces the risk of injury or death as they might otherwise be trapped by mud from a pond.

  • DE-ICING: Aeration in a stock tank circulates warm water from the bottom of the tank, preventing ice from completely forming over the surface. While surface agitation may prevent freezing at all.

  • REDUCTION OF INSECT PESTS: Introducing aeration in a pond or stock tank dramatically reduces mosquito populations. The movement of the water prevents mosquitoes from landing on the surface and depositing eggs and eventually forming larvae. Control of mosquitoes by non-chemical methods overall will lessen the spread of disease and result in overall healthier cattle.
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