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I have a roughly 600 lb Black baldy steer that has a cough and labored breathing, other than that he is alert and eating well. I have not checked his temp. My vet gave me 9mL of Drexxen to give him. He told me its a 10 day antibiotic he said if it doesn't work he wants to see the steer... My question is, should I wait out the 10 days or go ahead and get my vet out to take a look at him? Terrestrial animal Working animal Snout Livestock Suidae

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Give him a few more days and see if his breathing improves. It will take a little time for the meds to work. More than likely there won't be anything else he'll give him until the antibiotics have taken effect. That's a good strong antibiotic.
As far as the grey spot in his eye it's probably and old case of pinkeye. He's had it for a while?
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