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Here in Alaska we have plenty of big predators - grizzly and black bears, wolves, coyotes, eagles, even moose behave like predators, especially in late winter when they are mostly starving to death. In my 11 years raising cows and calves here I have had exactly zero problems with predation. And I do not know why as I have no livestock guardian dog. I suspect that the bears have ample fish to eat, which put up less of a fight than a cow might. Wolves are smart and really skittish, avoiding anything to do whatsoever with humans. I watched a coyote walk peacefully through the entire herd, including newborn calves, for about 45 minutes without any issues. Even the mama cows lazily continued to chew while the coyote hunted mice in their midst. Somehow prey species know when a predator specie is a threat and when it is not, and tolerating its presence!

Probably the most interesting event occurred when a fox invaded and stalked our free-ranging chickens. One mama cow chased that fox twice around the perimeter of the 2-acre chicken yard and when the fox finally succeeded in snatching a chicken the entire herd, calves and all, stampeded after that fox. It was a sight to behold; I wish I had caught it on video.

It is definitely worth the time taken to quietly observe the secret lives of our animals and their interactions with the natural world - dramas we will witness during a hour spent watching at daybreak!
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