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    OUCO Marine/Offshore [email protected] Telescopic boom cranes
    OUCO Marine/Offshore [email protected] Telescopic boom cranes are based on a pedestal slewing design with hydraulic cylinder luffing. The boom extension is a telescopic inner section that allows a more flexible and wider operational radius in use and leaves the crane stored in a compact position.
    The advantages of the telescopic cranes are low weight and less complex design making them maintenance-friendly. This offshore crane especially wildly been used in the mild-east area for the OSV (oil service vessel); which is especially designed according to the harsh working environment there. OUCO Marine Telescopic cranes can be designed and manufactured by clients’ requirements in our own factory.The perfect solution for applications that require reach and compact storage, the Telescopic Boom crane is available with two to four box boom sections.
    Typical Applications: Provision cranes, Service cranes, Container and cargo handling cranes
    Remote control
    Operator’s cabin
    Lifting of personnel – man-riding
    External hydraulic power packs
    Anti-collision system
    Active Heave Compensation (AHC)
    Passive Heave Compensation(PHC)
    Design according to rules and regulations API 2C.
    Class Societies like ABS, CCS, DNV, LR, RMRS, etc.
    Diesel hydraulic drivetower crane manufacturers