Weird cattle behavior

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    Hello all! I am a jersey cattle farm in Michigan and I had a question on peculiar behavior my young bull is exhibiting. He’s about 7-8 months, never been banded or dehorned. When we go to feed him and the other group of young bulls in the same pen he starts walking backwards, tucking his head and arching his back. He eventually lies down and doesn’t eat more than the rest. I’ve never seen his kind of behavior in jersey cows before. I’ve asked around my fellow farmers and they haven’t either. I was wondering if anyone else had hear of this too. Now another concerning thing is he hasn’t grown his horns yet. The other bulls his age have grown small horns and he has but only a cone shaped head and no sign of horn growth. I’m pulling him into the barn tonight to get a better look at him and give him a once over and feel for horns or anything peculiar. If anyone could shed some light on this matter, I’d greatly appreciate it!