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grass is dormant in the winter so graze it as hard as snow cover allows..

leave some tall strips to hold snow, btw...they need to lay e to w...and only need to be bout 5 ft tall grass.

likely your gonna need to supp some hay and/or ear corn 2.

sun even at 10 degrees F will beat off ( melt ) your E / S slopes off prretty good so you'll want to use the supps to bait em over to that in the winter ( get tracks and it melts more snow and ice and enables more winter grazing ).

good luck...seems 2 me like U better start with less than 200 head....say 50 decent cows and they'll Teach You how things Work.

btw, calf in May thru June there.

you ain't equipped 2 do it earlier.

200 head of cattle
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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