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The Material:
1.Wall panel: Autoclaved Aerated concrete(AAC/ALC) panel, which contains double rust treatment steel net, joint with 3 layers treatment.
2.Roof panel: Autoclaved Aerated concrete (AAC/ALC) panel, ususally the thickness is 75mm, it contains single rust reatment steel net, with water proof treatment.
3.All the steel sheet are galvanized, the rust problem won't occur.
1.Steel construction system: Safety, lightweight, reliable quality, durable
2.Easy to assemble and disassemble
3.Wall panels are high repeated use, clean construction site, environmental protection.
4.The doors, widows and the interior wall panel can be located in anywhere as required, the stairs can be assembled inside and outside as required.
5.All the steel structure system are anti-corrosion treatment, which guarrantee the long service life. Great heat insulation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, fireproofing and waterproof ect.
6.Any design is available.
7.Elegant appearance.
8.Humanized design. Comfortable living experience.wholesale integrated housing
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